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Above the Clouds
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Karen P. Brown

Certified Motivational Coach





1030 N. Rogers Lane, Ste. 121 #1149

Raleigh, NC  27610-6083

"A closed mouth don't get fed"

A Bit About Me

Meet Karen, our certified, dynamic Motivational Life Coach.  Karen is passionate about helping you find "Your Purple Snowflake"; those unique one-of-a-kind characteristics that make you who you are.

Karen is also a motivator, but she will never tell you what to do.  As a coach, she will be a source of inspiration and give you the gentle push you need to reach Financial Independence. 


Through open and honest discussions, Karen will help you:

  • identify your financial goals

  • understand your approach to making financial decisions

  • encourage you to pursue your dreams

  • change your mindset when it comes to your finances

  • keep you accountable for making positive changes in your life

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